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Friday, August 28, 2015

Inspiration From My Daughter

As a designer I get inspired from many different sources and the most powerful ones for me has been nature and another artists work.

This week I started developing this series of characters inspired by my daughters drawings. Although she is only 4 years old her work sparks something inside of me and I always get that itching feeling deep inside when a I see her drawings specially the characters that she creates.

Meet the Pink fellas... they are fun, corky and very pink!

Say hello to Lolly! The dreadlocks princess

This is Punk, she never goes anywhere without her backpack and books

This guy here is always tired, ready for a nap… zzzz

Sputinic is a dancer and a happy gal

Oh Mr. Alfred, always telling people what to do...

The whole troop

 And this is my sweet Bela... she has a golden heart and a wonderful imagination. Thanks Bela for all the inspiration!


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