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Friday, July 17, 2015

Collaboration Art With Kids

For the last year I've been making collaboration art with my kids. I started a journal where we sit down together and paint, draw and collage all at once in the same page. It's a very fun process and I really recommend it for anyone who wants to bond with your kids and have some unbelievable results. If you are not an artsy person (and don't intend it to be - this is very easy so you can do it if you want) please encourage your kids to collaborate with others like siblings, cousins, friends, grandparents or anybody who is willing to share some magic.

Here is a list of materials to start your own journal:

1- Watercolor pad (I use Strathmore 400 series 11 x 15 inches)
2- Liquid watercolor, watercolor cakes, acrylic paint, crayons, markers, sharpie,colored pencil, washi tape, patterned paper
3- Brushes of all kinds and shapes (you can buy an inexpensive variety pack here)
4- Disposable cup and plate
5- Water
6- hair dryer
7- scraps of paper, tea bags, coffee filters, anything really that you find interesting

The reason behind all this is to help your kids to express themselves and learn how to explore and unleash creativity without fear while collaborating with others.

Here are a few ideas if you don't know how to start.

1- Watercolor, washi tape and sharpie - Start by applying layers and layers of watercolor using the dryer between layers. Start doodling with sharpie and maybe add some washi tape following a few shapes that were drawn before.

2- Liquid watercolor and acrylic - this piece below was started by the kids who dropped concentrated liquid watercolor making very intense colors and huge shapes. I added some acrylic on top and kids followed me. My boy wanted to glue paper and my daughter kept painting on top. No problem!

4- Collage - feel free to glue everything you find in the house. I added some tea bags on the first piece after all  drawings were done and filled with little things like leaves, and paper with quotes. On the second piece we started by gluing the land of nod drawing from their paper bags and then told the kids to go crazy with watercolor and crayons. I finished it off with some sharpie doodles.

5 - Sharpie - I started this piece by drawing with sharpie on a blank piece of paper and then ask the kids to draw some more and then color it. Easy peasy!

Do some art, enjoy the moment and have a wonderful time with your little ones!


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