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Friday, November 30, 2012

Reminder: Tomorrow at Target & Neiman Marcus

Don't forget: available tomorrow online and in stores more than 50 Holiday gifts from 24 exceptional designers. More details here and collection preview at Target and Neiman Marcus. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Confy in My Pants

As much as I love the skinny pants trend I just can't live in them... sometimes I feel it blocks my blood flow and reduces my ability to move. We all know that women can be squeezed in some jeans or shoes, feel pain and make a lot of sacrifice just to look good, right? But some days I'm not in the mood.

I like to be free and feel free once in a while, and these pants do exactly that. it was love at first sight... I like the pattern, it's easy to style down and up and they are incredibly comfortable and warm.

Of course, I couldn't avoid the heels this time, hahaha!

PS. I bought the shirt on my tortured Black Friday experience.

Shirt: Madewell (bargain); Top: Nordstrom Rack; Pants: Free People (similar here and here); Pumps: BCBG; Bag: Coach; Necklace: Ann Taylor (Fossil Rose Glitz Statement Necklace (Google Affiliate Ad);

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hi everyone, I hope you had a great long weekend just like me... I survived a cooking Thursday, a Black Friday (or a disaster day), a Zoo Saturday and a lazy Sunday! I need a Holiday from the Holiday...

After cooking and hosting a dinner in my house I was too tired to go to the mall at 12am as I had planned so I decided to go on Friday afternoon... HUGE MISTAKE!

Shopping with trillion people around you is never a good experience and after 4 hours of madness I only scored these sweat pants below from J. Crew, one top and one shirt that will be featured next here. What did you get? Happy Cyber Monday!

Blazer: F21 (similar here); Tee: Nordstrom Rack; Pants: J. Crew; Pumps: BCBG; Hat: F21 (similar here); Clutch: The Limited (old); Necklace: Ann Taylor

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey and Cabernet

I will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with my neighbors and family in my house. It will be very low key and casual but certainly special. I'm responsible to host the dinner and cook a starch and vegetable dishes. That's what I am going to wear right after I take my apron off: Cabernet cords, gold peplum and this lush jacket!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody and thanks for reading!

Top: (gift from mom - Brazil); Jacket: BCBGeneration (in stores now); Pants: J.Crew (similar here, and here); Colar: F21 (similar here and here); Pumps: Nordstrom Rack

Monday, November 19, 2012

Loving my Tie

I went to Loehmann's the other day and saw this Penguin slim tie at men's section and just fell in love with it. I've never wore ties before so I end up going home emptied hand thinking if I could pull off an outfit together incorporating a cute tie. Well, the following weekend I drove up again to Loehmann's and got not one, not two but three ties for myself, LOL (all slim from Penguin). So here I am...

 If you are a little shy about walking around wearing ties, try maybe to put it over a shirt but under a sweater like the picture above... it works like a statement necklace... hahaha!

Shirt: AE (old, similar here, here and here); Sweater: (J. Crew, like this, this and this); Skirt: F21 (in stores now); Tie: Penguin (buy at Loehmann's or Peguin stores); Shoes: Nordstrom Rack;

More to love... You can buy penguin ties at Loheman's for only $20 or go to Penguin's website.

All  J. Crew ties below

How to work your tie...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tulle Skirt

Inspired by Blair from Atlantic-Pacific I put this outfit together and can't stop wondering if I could actually pull this look off in real life... What do you think?

Jacket: MM Couture; Top: Wildfox; Skirt: Yesstyle (anthropology version); Belt: Vince Camuto; Boots: Sam Edelman; Bracelet: Marc Jacobs;

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not Yet Recovered

I had a very tough week... right after the twins birthday party my boy got the stomach flue that is going around. Poor kid... he passed it on to me (I never felt so sick in a long time) and before I recovered my girl also got it. So, my week look like that: changing diapers, cleaning up carpet, vomiting, doing laundering in the middle of the night, vomiting a little more... The next victims in the house were my mother-in-law and my husband. Not a pretty picture, I have to tell you.

This shots were taken when I was not yet recovered so I wasn't expecting much from it... I guess make up does wonders for you...

Basic Top: Banana Republic; Shirt: F21 (similar here); Jacket: Zara (similar here); Shorts: From Brazil; Belt: J.Crew; Boots: Sam Edelman; Bag: HM; Necklace: Ann Taylor; Cap: Puma (very old, like this)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Time Flies

My babies turned two last weekend and we had a great time celebrating their birthday. It's so surreal... it took me 7 years to have them, 1 second to love them and I don't know how long to believe that I'm finally a mother of two.

They are everything and a little more to me and my husband... I'm glad I never gave up!

Belas is the sweetest little thing with big personality, very strong will and totally fearless... very squeezable, cuddly and pretty. (She will be posing for this blog in the near future).

Pedro is incredibly smart (just like father), funny and friendly... he has a charisma that will serve him really well in his future.

The theme of the party was chosen based on their obsession for things that goes... both love cars, trains, tractors and airplanes... Pedro can't live without his vacuum cleaner (witch by the way slept over his crib a few times) and Bela loves shoes (she not only sleeps with them sometimes but also shower with them - I know, weird... but also lovely!)

To all their friends who showed up at the party my big thank you. You made their day so very special!

PS. Both are wearing Zara...